Our team is highly experienced and skilled in delivering concept art for games. We engage in content creation from pre-production stage all the way to deliver complete content for live games.


Our game designers can help you conceptualize your game concept and come up with unique game logic ideas and help develop them. We can help you with 3D game artwork design or 2D game artwork design. Our team at Tinyshark has some of the best game level designers in the industry who understand how to create game logic that challenge players and keep them interested in the game.


We have skilled team capable of high quality 3D Production, able to deliver works in art styles ranging from cartoony to hyperrealistic.


Our UI/UX design process involves multiple stages to meet industry standards and arrive at a solution that best suits the game. Our interfaces are constantly tested by a QA team at every stage to ensure that designs and layouts are customized for optimal user experiences.


Tinyshark cinematic pipeline covers everything from storyboard creation, animatics to final compositing, editing and sound design. Every step in between is handled by creative and passionate specialists in their respective fields to ensure state of the art results.